Life is all about moments. The people you meet. The activities you enjoy. The songs that make you smile.

With our Greater Moments app, you can find, record and reflect on moments that really matter – all in one place.

Our app has been designed with and for older adults – including those affected by dementia and other lifelong conditions.

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We ensure voices are not only heard, solutions are influenced by them using lived experiences to build successful programmes to support others.

Our Greater Moments app is flexible to support people of all ages. Our app was originally developed for people with a dementia diagnosis and those who care for them. On our journey over the past three years, we have also understood that this app can provide a positive experience to anyone who wishes to reflect on daily activities, connect with others and journal their thoughts throughout their lives in real time.   

We aim to bring our users the very best of all activities, services and events together in one place – giving more opportunities for individuals to connect with others, create meaningful moments and boost wellbeing.

Not only does Greater Moments offer users real time events and activities, anyone who may be supporting an individual can also link up with their friend or family member on the app.

We can support your business, charity, organisation to thrive in the ageing, healthcare sectors, giving people valuable meaningful experiences to live better for longer.

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