What We Do

We change relationship attitudes.

Our bespoke Healthy Relationships projects are co-designed to remain constantly purpose driven. They include, but are not limited to, initiatives to tackle domestic abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

We have developed an evidence based approach to promoting the traits of healthy relationships in school and community settings – simultaneously educating individuals about the early signs of potential exploitation and abuse.


Our sustainable peer to peer approach.

Using statistically backed data, to promote the positive social norms around relationship attitudes. We work in partnership with young people to remove the barriers to reporting, addressing myths and normalising the various pathways to support. Co-designed social marketing campaigns maximise impact measurement.

'Positive attitudinal shifts across all areas'

Independent Evaluation - University of Salford

Best Social Marketing Campaign

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“We’re keen to support innovative approaches to tackling issues with young people where we can measure the impact of the work.”
Councillor Lisa Stone, Salford Children’s and Young People’s Services