What We Do

We empower people to take charge of their own wellbeing.

Our Emotional Health and Wellbeing Interventions are designed to equip young people, schools, parents, and workforces with tools to better understand their mental health and the power they possess to take positive steps and actions towards improving it.

We start from the position that everyone will experience emotional health problems at some point in their lives. Working at group level we teach individuals to cope better and provide the confidence and knowledge to seek help and support as early as possible.


Our innovative wellbeing programmes.

Targeted support is available inside schools and workplaces or if preferred, within community based settings through our Mindful Me programmes.

Underpinning this universal, preventative approach is a continual desire to test, evaluate and scale effectiveness. We do this by measuring resilience data before, during and after the interventions and working to embed positive practices within schools and workforces.

Over 5000

engaged since 2015 in direct response to growing Emotional Health and Wellbeing challenges.

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“The intervention helped individuals to develop strategies to better manage stress and pressure in their lives.”
Barnsley Academy