We simply know how to engage.

Our innovative approach has led to measurable reductions in negative health attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours.

We are behaviour change specialists.

over 150,000 Young people

engaged and impacted since 2013 through our 'World Leading' Social Norms Program.

Over 5000 people

engaged since 2015 in direct response to growing Emotional Health and Wellbeing challenges.


and key contributors to highly acclaimed, award winning Social Action app, CTZN.

Our Values
  • We focus on early intervention, prevention and building resilience

  • We always encourage people to lead

  • We strive to help people to flourish, not simply 'get by'

  • We invest in our own team, both financially and holistically

  • We make it fun

  • We ensure the message is positive

  • We embrace innovation and technology

  • We evidence our outcomes

  • We actively seek partner working

Our Social Mission

To positively and measurably disrupt the status quo by:

  • Helping to drive forward the early intervention and prevention agenda
  • Creating greater awareness of facts and self-help tools to help people become more resilient
  • Nudging communities in a more positive direction, redeveloping choice architecture in favour of healthier decision making
  • Encouraging genuine consultation, project design and co-delivery, creating best practice ambassadors for the future
  • Delivering better, more instant access to support services (community asset mapping / partnership working)
Our Journey
  • 2011

    Social Sense founded Social Norms project R U Different? launch 1st Client – Salford Council

  • 2012

    2nd Client – Swindon Council CTZN project with Greater Manchester Police begins

  • 2013

    R U Different? develops across Greater Manchester R U Different? moves into Buckinghamshire, Portsmouth and Bromley

  • 2014

    Mindful Me conceived in response to rising evidence levels of self-harm R U Different? licensed into Denmark. University call it ‘World Leading’ R U Different? Children & Young People Now Award finalist

  • 2015

    Mindful Me successfully pilots in Barnsley and Halton R U Different? moves into Dudley and East Sussex

  • 2016

    CTZN Partnerships Project launch Mindful Me wins innovation award in Salford. Delivery in Halton and Birmingham R U Different? UK Public Sector Campaign of the Year – UK Public Sector Communications Awards New premises at Salford Quays

  • 2017

    Mindful Me wins Kent Mindfulness training contract and project delivery commences. Change Up wins Social Marketing Campaign of the Year 2017 at UK Public Sector Communications Awards Social Sense Community is formed as part of continued expansion into wider population group

  • 2018

    Workplace Wellbeing delivery launched
    Mindful Me nominated for Social Marketing award 2018
    Change Up independently records £1:£8.29 Social Value
    £90,000 Investment secured for CIC

  • 2019

    Mindful Me launches its mobile app allowing individuals to continue their mindfulness journey

  • 2019

    Social Sense joins the Mentally Healthy Schools programme delivering Mindful Me to children, young people and teaching staff across Greater Manchester

  • 2019

    In partnership with Hitch, Social Sense have been commissioned to develop a platform that will capture the lived experience of individuals affected by dementia called Greater Moments