Trailblazing Through Innovation


CTZN is a ground-breaking new mobile-based social media platform; it recognises and rewards young people for making a positive contribution to their community.


Funded by the Home Office and supported by Greater Manchester Police, CTZN was conceived by and co-developed with, Gencia, our sister company who specialise in design and tech. Social Sense’s role early on was using the initial prototype to carry out youth consultation workshops, ensuring that from the beginning it was shaped by and for the target age group.

CTZN aims to engage with young people aged 13 to 18; creating a sustainable, two-way communication channel and offering a safe social network that connects young people with opportunities that can make a real difference to their communities; rewarding and recognising their positive contributions.




I am convinced that the app will be an important tool in the effort to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Ann Coffey, MP

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