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A unique Mindfulness and Therapeutic Life Coaching programme for students and staff within a school setting.


Mindful Me is about equipping young people with the mind management tools to manage life’s stresses and aims to ‘help young people help themselves’. The bespoke sessions support to build aspirations and reduce anxiety, stress and low mood by teaching them the techniques to regulate, improve and take ownership of their actions.

More than just provide them with ways in which to calm down, we teach young people to understand their emotional and rational brain. This is essential for knowing how to deal with daily situations or confrontations, especially when all too often, teenagers are tapping into their ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Mindful Me was set up in response to the worrying levels of anxiety, depression and self-harm being recorded in our Social Norms programme.




The intervention itself helped to pupils to develop strategies to better manage stress and pressure in their lives. The sessions were calming, interesting and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this intervention to all schools.

Mrs C Bendell (on Mindful Me)
Barnsley academy

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